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Hunger Relief Agency Resources


Welcome! SuperFood Drive is here is to support your agency/organization in improving the health of your clients through the distribution of predominately nutrient dense foods. As you are aware, food pantries and food assistance programs have become an integral food source for over 46 million Americans. Additionally, type II diabetes, hypertension, obesity and other chronic health issues have reached epidemic levels. As more people rely on emergency food sources, the nutritional content of distributed foods must be examined, as food directly impacts (positively or negatively) these conditions.

The resources included in the Hunger Relief Agency Toolkit include guidance in developing a nutrition policy, support in communicating your policy to donors,and other materials to support your organization. Additionally, we provide recipes and literature on educating your clients on how to eat well and lead healthier lives.

As we collectively move towards nutrition banking, we encourage your ideas, feedback, and suggestions to make this a helpful resource center for the entire hunger relief community. Please contact us at info(@)

Helpful Healthy Hunger Relief Materials

The Healthy Food Bank Hub is a unique source of information designed to bridge conversations about hunger relief and good nutrition. It is a collaboration between Feeding America, Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, and the National Dairy Council.

Food Stamps for Healthy Food

We know many people who visit food pantries also depend on food stamps (known as CalFresh in California). In this video, our founder shows how to shop healthy on a CalFresh budget. Also check out this healthy menu for two, the USDA’s Eating Healthy on a Budget website or one of our favorite resources for healthy eating on a budget: Good and Cheap Cookbook (available for FREE download!).

Onsite Nutrition and Healthy Eating Workshops

fstp-leahs-pantryInterested in being trained to provide nutrition education & healthy cooking workshops at your site? We recommend Leah’s Pantry’s Food Smarts Training Program, a train-the-trainer model focused on providing nutrition education training programs to organizations working with low income populations. Great curriculum specifically designed for food bank and food pantry staff and volunteers.

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