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There are many ways to get involved with SuperFood Drive.

Please consider making a financial contribution to SuperFood Drive! We are working hard in collaboration with other organizations to  educate the community about the benefits of eating nutrient-dense foods, reverse the alarming statistics on obesity and poor nutrition,  and making healthy food accessible to all.  But we need your support! Your dollars will help SuperFood Drive improve our ability to outreach to populations in need, strengthen and expand our programs, and continue to develop effective nutrition education for our communities.  So please donate today!

Another way to get involved is to donate SuperFood items via our Virtual Drive. You can put nutritious foods into the mouths of many wih just a click of your mouse (for less than retail price!).

Finally, you can host a SuperFood Drive! We encourage all of you to organize your own SuperFood Drive in your community. If we, as a nation, start supplying nutrient-dense, non-perishable SuperFoods to food banks and distribution centers, we will directly impact the lives of our fellow citizens. Eating healthy does impact a person’s quality of life. Give the Gift of Health!

If you are going to host a SuperFood Drive in your community, we want to add your SuperFood Drive to our events calendar. Please send us an email with the following information about the SuperFood Drive you are hosting: city, state, date(s), organization(s) involved, primary contact person. Send your email to


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