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How to Host a SuperFood Drive in YOUR Community

SuperFood Drive BarrelHelp Superfood Drive reach our goal of ensuring that all people, regardless of income level, have access to nutrient-dense foods. If you are interested in hosting a SuperFood Drive, just follow the steps below. You will act as the liaison between the people/groups/company donating the non-perishable SuperFood items and the people, groups and organizations receiving the donated nutrient-dense foods.



Choose a location to host the drive.

It could be hosted at your workplace, co-hosted at your local grocery store, or as an event entrance incentive.


Set a time frame.

It could last several weeks or just one day at an event.


Contact your local Food Bank.

The healthy non-perishables you collect can be donated to your local food bank, a homeless shelter in your community, a non-profit organization, or a specific community in need. To find a food bank or food pantry near you, visit¬†Feeding America’s Find Your Local Food Bank tool. The food bank can deliver barrels for you to collect food and they will pick up the food you collect afterward the SuperFood Drive is over.


Spread the word about your SuperFood Drive.

Pass out educational fliers about the mission of SuperFood Drive so individuals can identify with the cause they are donating to. Advertise the donation site and duration of the drive. Share the shopping list so people know what healthy foods to choose from.


Let us know about it!

We post all SuperFood Drives on our calendar and this can help to increase participation. For more details, please download our step-by-step instructions (PDF). If you have any questions, feel free to email us.


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