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Welcome, Socially Conscious Beer Lover!
Glad we peaked your interest enough to visit this website. Our mission at SuperFood Drive is simple:
ensure that all people have access to healthy food.
How do we do this? By encouraging healthy food drives across the nation! Food drives are great ways to collect healthy food, raise awareness about hunger in America, and encourage monetary donations for hunger relief organizations.

With over 50 million Americans visiting food pantries on a regular basis across the country, it is more important than ever that we help nourish our neighbors in need.You can Give the Gift of Health™ in 3 ways:

  1. Summer is a great time to keep your kids engaged! SuperKids for SuperFoods teaches kinds about hunger and the importance of healthy eating for all.

    Click here to learn about our materials designed specifically for engaging youth as food equity leaders!

  2. Donate nutritious non-perishables to your local food pantry. It’s as easy as dropping off a bag of groceries.

    Click here to find a food pantry near you.

  3. Host your own healthy food drive.

    Engage your friends, co-workers and community members. Click here to download the healthy food drive tool kit.

Cheers, and thank you for Giving the Gift of Health™.
For more information on Stone Brewing Co., click here.

“Just like I believe that if you’re going to enjoy a beer, you deserve nothing less than a great craft beer, if you’re someone who eats — and I’m pretty certain that means ALL of us — you deserve nothing less than something of decent nutritional quality. Let’s work together to relegate junk food to the same place as industrial fizzy yellow beer…into the hands of those with no taste, and NOT into the hands of those with no other choice!”

- Greg Koch, Stone Brewing Co.

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