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SuperKids for SuperFoods

SuperKids for SuperFoods (SKSF) educates students on health and the benefits of nutrient-dense foods, while offering a community-wide approach to alleviating hunger.

  • SuperKids for SuperFoods

The idea is simple: kids all over America host food drives. This is the perfect opportunity to provide education about healthy eating and encourage the donation of healthy food for Americans in need. SuperKids for SuperFoods was created in collaboration with teachers, registered dietitians, clinical nutritionists, and Youth Service America (YSA). The program utilizes a proven service-learning implementation process model and combines that with nutrition education teaching topics. Each week includes classroom activities, home activities, reflection and outcomes.

Program Goals
  • Educate students and community about issues of hunger & the importance of healthy food choices.
  • Engage youth as Role Models and Academic Leaders in their community.
  • Encourage Health Promotion by motivating youth to choose nutrient-dense foods through nutrition education.
  • Foster a Spirit of Stewardship by empowering youth to engage community partners in an effort to expose them to various local organizations and nutrition-minded businesses.
  • Promote Direct and Meaningful Service-Learning through use of the SuperKids for SuperFoods Food Drive Planning Toolkit, allowing youth to respond to a community need by being directly responsible for planning and implementing a SuperFood drive.
  • Initiate a campaign to bring about Community Awareness on the benefits of health as it pertains to food and nutrition.
  • Advocate Cultural Diversity and Mutual Respect by promoting cultural and societal sensitivity.
  • Encourage the Voice of the Youth to take lead on outreach and hunger education in their community and extend the message and mission of SuperFood Drive.
Program Objectives
  • Encourage Food System Change – sending SuperFood Drive volunteers to local school sites to conduct presentations introducing the issue of hunger.
  • Promote Civic Engagement and Service-Learning – providing a SuperKids for SuperFoods Food Drive Planning Toolkit geared toward students, enabling them to plan and host a food drive in their community.
  • Foster Creativity – allowing students to develop a plan of action to create, promote and implement a successful food drive.
  • Encourage Philanthropy – donating all collected foods during the food drive to a local food bank/pantry.
Program Benefits
  • Each “SuperKid” can “Give the Gift of Health,” by becoming a community role model. A “SuperKid” develops a plan of action, facilitates partnerships in the community, and serves as an advocate for the issues of hunger, food security, and cultural diversity.
  • A “SuperKid” responds to the needs of his/her community by bridging the hunger gap and by promoting nutrient-dense non-perishable food donations. They will become lifelong “SuperKids for SuperFoods,” heeding the mission of SuperFood Drive and serving the needs of the local and global community.


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