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SuperFood Pantry Program

The opposite of hungry is not full; it is healthy.

SuperFood Drive aims to turn all food pantries into nutrition pantries to help combat the epidemics of hunger, malnutrition, and obesity.¬† Working closely with Feeding America San Diego and Leah’s Pantry, we have created a collaborative and sustainable model to help food pantries shift their focus to collecting and distributing more nutritious food for their clients.

The goal of the collaborative is provide food pantries with increased access to nutritious food; appropriate infrastructure/capital improvements to store and distribute healthy food; resources to support the transformation from food pantry to a nutrition pantry; nutrition education and training for pantry staff, volunteers, and clients; and cooking demonstrations and healthy, seasonal recipe-sharing.

This model is being developed and implemented first in San Diego County, with a goal to facilitate its replication throughout the country.

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